An inclusive, innovative and healthy community that embraces its diversity and values the roles and skills of all people


  • To engage and empower individuals within the community.
  • To respond to both individual and community needs.
  • To provide services which develop a sense of community pride.
  • To provide opportunities for social interaction within an ethical, caring and supportive environment.


HONESTY………The success of the Community Centre is based on honest open interactions between all employees, volunteers and consumers.  No person shall ever suffer for speaking out honestly and appropriately on any topic of concern to the business of the Community Centre.  Everyone is expected to behave, communicate and act in an honest and open way.  Everyone is expected to protect our property from misuse, theft or damage.

TEAMWORK……All volunteers and employees are expected to work to support each other at all times.  We are all expected to proactively offer help to co-workers wherever there is a need.  Cooperation and mutual support are the foundations of the Community Centre.

FAIRNESS…..The Community Centre is committed to fairness.  Wherever appropriate, decisions affecting an individual or group will be thoroughly explored, be transparent and open to review.  No individual shall be given an unearned advantage over another.

MUTUAL RESPECT…..It is essential that all employees and volunteers show courtesy and respect to each other.  Inappropriate behaviour is not acceptable from any individual regardless of position or authority level.  No individual may be treated inappropriately as a result of their race, gender, religion, national origin, age or any other defining characteristic.

RELIABILITY…..All employees and volunteers are expected to be reliable.

SERVICE ETHIC…..All employees and volunteers are expected to show enthusiasm, friendliness, helpfulness, confidentiality and cooperation, whether serving the needs of customers or team mates.

PROFESSIONALISM…..All employees and volunteers are expected to behave and carry out their duties to the standards established for the task. All employees are expected to maintain themselves, their appearance and their work quality at or above the levels outlined.

RESPONSIBILITY…..All employees and volunteers have a responsibility to act in accordance with MOSHCC guidelines and rules, as well as the rules of common sense.  All employees have a responsibility to work safely, to identify safety issues and to report these without delay to their leadership or any other appropriate person.