Howdy, this is Susan Brame the meditation teacher at MOSHCC with a bit of a plug for classes! Meditation has been hugely mystified and I like to keep things simple and definitely achievable. I believe all human beings are inherently spiritual and by learning meditation we are simply learning how to uncover the inner self or light that is already there inside each one of us. This can be challenging at first … well it was for me. I compare it to learning to ride a bike or drive a car, seems pretty tricky at first but once you get the hang of it you begin to experience yourself in a whole new way, and suddenly you’re flying along!It is deeply satisfying to begin to experience the feelings of wholeness peace and connectedness that anyone who has learnt meditation will tell you about, and how by just doing twenty minutes of practice a day you can turn things around in your life in the most delightful way.Group practise is a great way to learn meditation, there is always time to share experiences, ask questions and be buoyed by the energy of a nice group of people with the same aim.I regard learning meditation as the single best thing I have ever done for myself simply because the spinoffs are so remarkably good. Millions upon millions of meditators the world over are getting heaps more than just good view of their navel I can assure you!! Join the meditation group on Thursday evenings, 7:30pm at MOSHCC (28 Daranda Tce, Milang)P.S. Warm comfy clothes and socks are a good idea…we make sure the room is cosy!

More Than Your Navel

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