The Milang Old School House Community Centre is hosting free weaving workshops by local and international artist, Evelyn Roth, on Friday 22 May 2009. The workshops, funded by Country Arts SA, will give participants the opportunity to gain a knowledge of weaving and develop simple and complex weaving skills using a variety of string, rope recycled materials. The first workshop will be held at the Milang Old School House Open Day Friday 22 May, then Wednesday 27 May, 3.30pm to 5.30pm and Wednesday 3 June 3.30pm to 5.30pm. Evelyn Roth, the facilitator of the workshops said, “I hope that participants will gain skills to enable them to help make shade cloths and climbing webs for the Milang Community Garden and the Turtle Sanctuary.” Children and adults are welcome and as there are only 20 participants per class places will fill quickly. Evelyn Roth is an artist with a strong local and international reputation. Her recent work includes Womadelaide, where she has exhibited her amazing Inflatables for the past ten years. You can experience her Inflatable Turtle at the Milang Old School House Open Day next Friday 22 May from 11am to 4pm. To make a booking or any further enquiries please call the Milang Community Centre on 8537 0687, or email

Weaving Community Webs!

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