Preparation for Friday Feast

This week we’ve been following the life of the MOSHCC and posting the activities that are happening within the community on our Facebook page.

This week is Community and Neighbourhood Centres Week and I have been taking photographs of as much as I can going on in the community. A few of the things that have been happening this week include: Stepping On, Crèche, the Oral History Class and Fibre Art.

Stepping On is an activity in which the people who participate enjoy an active hour of gentle and slow strength and balance exercises designed to help improve muscle strength. balance and bone density.

Crèche is open Mondays Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 to 12:30 for 6-month olds to 5 year old kids. Fibre Art is an activity in which people come to learn new techniques with different fibres.

This week has also been busy with the Adult community I.T and iPad programs lead by Stuart Jones.

There are a lot of other activities happening too, these include: Cards, cycling, table tennis and more!

Community and Neighboorhood Centres Week

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