To our valued work colleagues and clients and volunteers, 

The situation with COVID-19 (Corona Virus) continues to change and evolve rapidly. As you may already know, we have quickly derived an approach to respond to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. The planning and preparation to respond is significant and is ongoing. Our focus has been to ensure the ongoing safety of our community, volunteers, staff and members. 

  • We are closing the doors to the public only for the interim, to reduce the flow of traffic and the potential risk to our Community Centre and staff providing essential services.  This means that if you need to contact us, please do so by telephone, if you’re unable to ring then please come to the Centre, knock on our door and someone will come to assist you.
  • We are finalising plans to ensure we have the resources, technology and infrastructure in place to support alternative working arrangements should the need arise, so as to not impact either our staff or our clients during this period.
  • Strengthening cleaning measures to continue to meet the hygiene needs of our Community Centre.
  • Communicating interim restrictions on meetings, events, and adhering to policies and guidelines laid out by SA Health and Government Officials.
  • Our Childcare service will continue to remain open also for the interim as they have an independent access point, and we will await further instructions should the need arise to close the Childcare centre, these guidelines have been advised directly through the Department of Education, Skills and Employment. State authorities are also currently not advising closure of Child Care services.
  • We are and have already suspended all gatherings, Friday Feast, Cards, Mah-jong, CAG Meetings etc. to ensure we are meeting all the requirements being set out.
  • Some ACE or non-funded activities by negotiation may currently continue if they are low risk, however, they will be relocated to the institute where possible to provide more options for social distancing and no cross interactions outside the group. Poetry and Ukulele will continue at the Institute. Social Distancing and Good Hygiene Practices will be followed.
  • We are currently in discussions on how to conduct the meetings moving forward with Committee members and will advise of these arrangements shortly.
  • There will be a small team of volunteers and staff on standby to assist your during this period.
  • Non essential services provided by our Community Care will be reduced temporarily from today, i.e. garden maintenance window cleaning, gutter etc. But we will continue to provide until further notice Cleaning, Personal Care and Transport. Support workers and Volunteers providing services are being asked to ensure they have their flu shot and follow hygiene guidelines.
  • Finally, we want all of you to stay vigilant and safe during these times, if you need any support during this period, please contact us we will be available to assist wherever possible.

 We will keep you updated as the situation progresses.

MADCA Information Regarding COVID-19

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